Health Promotion

from a Harm Reduction lens

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Offering a low barrier space to be a catalyst for connection, holistic health support and inclusion for mid island community members. Rise Bridge is a progressive, action orientated collective of peers and community professionals who champion social justice initiatives, amplify Black and Indigenous voices, and elevate harm reduction initiatives. We are a strong, united voice committed to taking action toward equity and allyship, empowering community through connection, awareness programs and community events.

At Rise Bridge are committed to offering a safe space for everyone in our community.

We are offering Health Promotion initiatives from a Harm Reduction lens. Program schedules coming soon and will include:

  • Overdose prevention education

  • Recovery resourcing and connection

  • Safer sex supplies

  • Birth control & sexual health resource connection

  • Harm reduction education, supplies & resourcing

  • Naloxone training and naloxone kits

  • Outreach & community connection

  • Cannabis and psychedelic harm reduction education

Our office is a space to come for mental health check in's, a space to come and take a breath, to be heard, and to be supported however that looks for you. We are here to to help connect you with the resources available in our community and to help fill the gaps where resources are lacking. Our office will be open 7 days a week, 9am-9pm after August 1st. We look forward to connecting!